Down To The Nitty Gritty


What Really Is The “American Dream” ?


In today’s society, when the word of success is brought up, it is usually associated with wealth, luxurious cars, and fancy clothes. But is that a true definitive way of looking at success?

In 2014, people establish a price and value to everything. Even the simplest and natural right to education has a price, it’s called tuition. Millions of students in universities and colleges around the country, and even the world, pay ridiculous amounts of money to attain a higher education, in hopes of finding a high paying job, and in turn being able to buy a private 40-acre home in a wealthy community. This is what it defined as the “American Dream.”

How expensive is the “American Dream,” you say? Well looking at my personal finances, I currently am $80,000 in debt by student loans, for my undergraduate education alone. Now I get to think, is being $80,000 in debt really worth the stress? Am I really paying to be successful? Am I buying my way to success?

The demand for that little piece of paper that says you have completed 4 yours of undergraduate education, while burying yourself in $80,000 debt, while, simultaneously depriving yourself sleep and food. What I have learned about the “American dream”, that every first generation immigrant and american citizens try to attain, is that you have to pay for it.

I personally feel that everyone is a slave to wealth. Most of the human beings on this planet will do whatever (kill, bribe, corrupt, etc.) to attain this little thing we like to idolize, “the American Dream.” I guess what I am trying to say is, never forget the true values and core principles of what it means to be successful. Don’t try to be successful or define success to someone else’s. Define your success based on you.


– Dil








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