12 Ways To Handle Success

Thought Catalog

Started From The BottomStarted From The Bottom

1. Don’t tell everyone.

If someone should know, text them. If you wouldn’t want to text them, they aren’t important enough to know. Boasting on social media can feel well earned and fun, but  there’s two sides. First, it can come off as impersonal to the friends you’d most want to share it with. Isn’t it more fun to savor it together in person? And second, if you are more moved by spite or ambition, nothing is more impressive than a boast you don’t have to make it. Let the news get to them organically- let your high-school ex hear through the grapevine about your record deal. Carry the implicit boast that you forgot to even brag about it.

Petty? Absolutely. But at least you’re keeping social media less obnoxious with your silence. If you’re going to do the right thing, you’re allowed to do…

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